Calgary – My home town

Calgary is located in the province of Alberta. The city is nestled between the Bow River and Elbow River running through Western Canada. The city has been voted the cleanest city in the world…YES you read that right. The city is located near the Rockies so if you are a fan of the outdoors make sure you spend a day kayaking, snowboarding or hiking. It is the 5th largest city in Canada and was home to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

It can be very cold in Calgary and growing up I am used to -30 Celsius degree. Even though I have lived in the U.S for almost 2 years now, I still prefer to use Celsius…it’s a hard habit to break. I spent 15 years living in Calgary and it was where I received my Undergrad degree.

While in Calgary, you can visit the Calgary Tower, 17th Avenue, Stephen Avenue or I would recommend one of my favorite restaurants Local on 8th . This restaurant has the best caesar drink in my opinion, and also the most amazing brunch!

You can also check out Sole Karaoke Restaurant , the restaurant is literally in an alley but it is definitely worth it if you ever find it. I used to live across the street from Sole so I would often go here with my friends. The food was amazing, friendly staff and for $20/ person you can have a private karaoke room to yourself and your friends. It does tend to get crowded during weekends so I would recommend calling Kevin (the owner) the reserve your Karaoke room. Also you should order the lime or yogurt soju which is my favorite drink that sadly I cannot find anywhere in New York!












An afternoon in beautiful Segovia

Segovia is located near Madrid, it was a short bus ride at around 55 Euros that included 3 stops at Segovia, Avila and Aranjuez. You can find any tour bus in downtown Madrid that will give you this offer. It was totally worth it and the trip was quite organized.

Segovia has a population of 56,000 people and in 1985 it was declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city is magnificent especially with the Roman Aqueduct as its background. The Aqueduct was constructed by Emperor Domitian around AD 81-96 and it is still very well preserved.




Aside from the Aqueduct there is also the Segovia Cathedral which is located in the Plaza Mayor. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was built between 1525-1577 in the Gothic style.









Beside the Aqueduct and Cathedral, Segovia also offers the most scenic streets. The architecture of the city was captivating along with its vivid colors. If you ever find yourself near the Madrid region, you should definitely visit Segovia even for an afternoon. It’s very close to Madrid and is definitely a must!

Paris Une Ville Mondiale


After completely my summer studying Italian in Perugia, I traveled to Paris to visit my Dad. He lives on the outskirt of Paris and it was a short train ride into the city. If you are a student, almost every museum in Paris is free…YES FREE so remember to bring your student ID. The Eiffel Tower is not free so you would have to pay around 10 Euros to go to the top, it is a must during one’s lifetime! If you really want to you can also walk all the way up to the top instead of taking the elevator. If you are a student like myself, I would recommend not buying the City Pass at all and just bring your Student ID. If you are not a student or would like to travel on budget, then the City Pass would be a great way to go.


The great thing about Paris is its metro system, and most of the museums and monuments are clearly mapped so you don’t need to speak french to get around. The Palace of Versailles is quite far away from the city so unless it’s something you really want to go to, you might need to come back to Paris another time to see the Palace. It’s difficult to see everything in Paris; however, a good 3-5 days should allow you to see most of the important stuffs.
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I was not able to see everything in Paris during my stay so I am definitely coming back to this great city at least one more time! Although next time, I think I will skip the touristy part and just live the Parisian life!

In Love With Lisboa

In Lisbon we stayed at Marriott Hotel, we got an amazing rate at around 50 Euros per night which also included a complimentary breakfast. Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in Portugal due to its culture and architecture. The food was absolutely amazing and its people were very friendly. We were there for almost a week and we didn’t run out of things to do. One place I would definitely recommend is Bairro Alto, this is where the locals hang out and here you can find numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy.

I hope to go back to Lisbon one day! All these photos were not photoshopped, as you can see the colors of the ocean and the medieval architecture really blends well together.


We saw so many exotic animals at the zoo, it was truly my favorite place to visit. You can go on the cable car ride which takes you around the zoo, it was a fun experience but perhaps not for those who are scared of height!


We went to see a soccer game, it was my first professional soccer game. We paid 6 Euros for a student ticket and it was worth it. European soccer fans are definitely passionate shall we say. It was so much and we decided to cheer for Sporting Clube de Portugal!

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Bairro Alto the place to be! It’s legal to drink in public in Portugal and most cities in Europe. We had so much fun bar hopping and Nick tried a drink called “Dragon Ball Z”.



The next day we walked around the city and explored different neighbourhood. 480224_10151760419455451_1234776611_n149331_10151760399175451_1696756975_n474179_10151760429045451_1623701625_o562158_10151760402850451_600625_n


536672_10151760395450451_328793745_nAlso we did some shopping! I love Mango because we don’t have them in Western Canada so it was awesome to splurge :)


Can’t wait to come back to Portugal again, what a lovely paradise! 533400_10151760386355451_1002597733_n

An Afternoon In Brussels


Brussels, the largest city in Belgium, is both the national capital as well as the focal point for European Union politics. This helps to make Brussels a truly unique city and a special city for anyone traveling through Europe to explore. The city not only has a wealth of interesting museums and historical sites that help to unravel the complexities of Belgian history but it also serves as a microcosm for the European Union as a whole and has been influenced by the customs and cuisines of the other 27 EU states. Whether you want to sample bits and pieces of different aspects of European life, or experience a more traditionally Belgian vacation, Brussels has something for everyone!


One of my favourite parts of visiting Brussels was the wide array of architectural styles present throughout the city. Brussels does a wonderful job of blending gothic and neoclassical architecture along with more modern buildings. Brussels is a city that is able to embrace the present along with the future, while at the same time, remembering its past. As a traveler, Brussels offers a limitless number of views that will take your breath away. Luscious green spaces and natural beauty also features prominently wherever you go in the city!

36403_441301212315_1192872_n Travelers who are willing to explore the nooks and crannies of this charming city will be rewarded as wonderful sights can be found around virtually every corner in Brussels. However, sometimes the best way to truly enjoy the beauty of this great city is to find a seat in a nearby cafe and let the city slowly show itself to you instead!
Either way, Brussels is a must for anyone who is planning on visiting Western Europe!